Pool Covers

All swimming pools in the UK should have some form of cover.

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A cover will help to prevent heat loss, water evaporation, chemical loss and ensure debris is kept at bay.

Traditionally we would use Solar Pool Covers and Winter Debris Covers. Both of these types of covers are manual however, which can become a cumbersome and difficult task, they also require two people especially for larger pools.

Solar Covers

Solar covers help to increase pool water temperature and reduce heat loss by evaporation.

At Hilden Pools, we provide and fit solar covers in a wide variety of fabrics. Our range is designed to suit all shapes, sizes and budgets.

Winter Debris Covers

Winter Debris covers are swimming pool covers designed to keep your pool clean during the winter months. The mesh fabric prevents leaves and other debris from getting in, meaning when it’s removed in the spring your pool will be immediately ready for use. Debris covers are fixed to the outside of the pool by drilling small holes and fixing with stainless steel anchors.

Automatic Safety Covers

These types of covers can be installed above or below ground, are pit mounted and can also be fitted over and under coping styles.

Bespoke stainless steel fastenings,and a stainless steel beam with stainless steel trays are fitted and finished with fine Italian marble to match the pool surround.

Automatic Safety covers are very important if you have young children or pets!

We are Aquatrac’s number 1 supplier of safety covers, providing safety for both indoor and outdoor pools. Our tracks are manufactured from uPVC and require little maintenance. The tracks and cover are incredibly strong, and will support the weight of a Rolls Royce so rest assured if you have young children or animals they won’t fall in.


A PVC reinforced fabric is attached to an aluminium leading-edge bar that spans the entire width of the pool. A unique Slider mechanism is attached to the leading edge and this slides through aluminium tracking that is placed at either side of the pool.

A Stainless-steel cable cord is then attached to the fabric and is threaded onto a ‘Drive Mechanism’, which then activates a pair of cast aluminium reels allowing it to slide up and down. The Drive Mechanism works by using a key operating switch. When operating, the cast aluminium reels wind in the nylon cables which then pulls the fabric through the tracking and the cover is closed.

To remove the cover from the Drive Mechanism you must activate the ‘Roller Tube’, this winds up the fabric, similarly to a conventional reel system used for Solar Covers.

Automatic Slatted Covers

Our range of slatted pool covers are electrically operated and come complete with everything you need to make your pool safer and more energy efficient. The high-quality slat system allows for easy opening and closing of the pool and requires very little maintenance. It also has the added benefit of insulating the pool. These can be installed above ground or below ground and are pit mounted.

Manual Safety Covers

Plastica manual pool saver safety covers are a high-end product that come at a great price. Extremely adaptable, they suit most pool types (including above ground pools) and come in 5 different colours. They have a reinforced underside, that reduces wear from coping stones, and are complete with a manual winder.

This cover can be used as a winter, summer, or safety cover. It has aluminium supporting bars and modular panels, that are made from a tough reinforced PVC and come with anti-abrasion treatment and static attachments straps.

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