Hilden Pools offer a comprehensive range of swimming pool maintenance services and cover a 20 mile radius of Maidstone, Kent. 

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Regular maintenance will prolong your pool’s life, prevent bacteria and in the long run be more cost effective.

Our services assist with the preparation for the colder winter months, and the reopening of your pool in the summer season. We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly maintenance check ins.

Opening Service

– Removing, cleaning & storing the pool cover
– Testing the water balance; adjusting calcium, Alkalinity and pH levels
– Thoroughly cleaning tiles and skimmers
– Clearing and hosing the pool check
– Skimming the pool surface
– Vacuuming
– Chlorinating
– Backwashing when required
– Replacing stored items; ladders, auto cleaner, baskets, plugs and gauges, etc.
– Inspecting and testing pumps, lights and heaters, etc.
– Load testing
– Checking lube plugs, fittings, valves and o-rings.
– Flood lines, prime-up, and start-up
– Adjusting the filtration equipment

Note: Please ensure the pool water level is topped up preferably above the skimmer prior to our visit.

Pool Closure Service

– Backwashing the filter
– Vacuuming
– Lowering the pool level accordingly
– Draining of filtration system
– Emptying of chemicals
– Cleaning, wrapping and storing the summer cover
– Removal and cleaning of pool accessories, e.g. steps, boards, rollers, nets, brushes
– Isolating electrical supply to pool equipment
– Cleaning motors and other devices with a water dispersant
– Switching of gas supply to boiler, power, and drain safety device.
– Adjusting pH levels accordingly
– Super chlorinating pool water when necessary
– Use of satellite pump
– Fitting and adjusting the winter cover

Note: It is the client’s responsibility to keep the pool clear prior to the close. We request one week’s notice to close your pool.

Pool Maintenance Visits

The Three C’s of Proper Pool Maintenance.

The foundation of effective pool care is built on three simple but important concepts: circulation, cleaning, and chemistry.

It is extremely important for any pool owner to keep their pool in tip top condition, otherwise they will begin to see damage to the pool equipment and surfaces, potentially resulting in costly repairs.

Hilden Pools offer a comprehensive range of swimming pool maintenance. All our services include, weeking, fortnightly and monthly pool contracts, or we can provide a pool maintenance service whenever required!

Hilden Pools work to the highest standards, leaving your swimming pool clean, safe & ready to be enjoyed. And, remember keeping your pool well maintained will in turn prolong its life, prevent bacteria build up and delay repairs.

With a Hilden pools Maintenance Service, you will benefit from the following services and procedures:

– Emptying the skimmer baskets.
– Netting any debris and vacuuming the pool.
– Emptying the pump basket backwash and rinsing the sand filter.
– Checking the chemical balance.
– Adding any necessary chemicals
– Cleaning the pool surround
– Returning the solar cover over the pool
– Leave the pool filtering.

Total cost for the above service is £75+vat per visit (Chemicals will come at an additional cost) 

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