Hilden Pools supply and install and refurbish all major pool liners.

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Is your swimming pool liner broken, dated or completely unusable?

At Hilden we have years of experience in refurbishing pools and our service goes way past just replacing your old liner. We undertake all aspects of repairs during the refurbishment, our team of engineers will inspect and check for faults and leaks for a complete service. When it comes to choosing a liner, at Hilden Pools, we quote and install pool liners for any size or shape including bespoke patterns, styles and tile brands.

Our refurbishment includes:

  • Lining ideas and designs for concrete pools.
  • Replacing domestic liners.
  • Detecting and repairing leaks.
  • Repairing or retiling.
  • Upgrading filtration, pumps and heating systems.
  • Pool surrounds.

All liners:

  • Are designed for use in domestic pools with normal bathing loads.
  • Have a 29˚C maximum running temperature.
  • Come with five year pro-rata guarantee.
  • Are made from material that is impregnated with algaecide.
  • Are 20Thou (0.5mm) 0r 30Thou (0.75mm) in thickness.

We can also offer a National Pool Liner Survey service for new domestic liners This service is charged, and can only be carried out if the pool is empty and the existing liner has been removed.

Pre-tailored lining

Hilden Pools supply and install all major Pre-Tailored pool liners. When your liner starts to look old through general wear and tear it might be a good idea to consider a replacement liner.

Our service goes much further than just ripping out your old liner and installing a new one. Whilst changing the liner your pool will be inspected and checked by our team of highly qualified engineers.

With installation taking 1 day to complete, we can also save all existing pool water by erecting our portable storage tanks which can hold 6,000 gallons per tank – great for saving time and energy.

We can quote and install liners for any bespoke size or shapes patterns, styles, motifs, logos and tilebands. The process of changing your pool liner is performed in several steps, the process used will ensure your liner has a long life.

– Draining the Swimming pool
– Removing old lining, faceplates and disposing of gaskets
– Inspecting the linerlock system and pool shell for any defects
– Repairing all defects where necessary
– Completing a measurement survey
– Ordering the new liner according to the client
– Providing and fitting the new felt underlay (this is optional)
– Providing and fitting new 30Thou lining
– Renewing all gaskets and faceplates
– Pumping water in from storage tanks
– Chemically treating the water ready for use
– Handing over all documents and warranties.
– Designed for use in domestic pools with normal bathing loads.
– Five-year pro-rata guarantee
– Material is impregnated with algicide
– Patterned material has protective lacquer coating.
– Tilebands are triple coated with lacquer to help prevent staining at the water line.
– 20Thou (0.5mm) 0r 30Thou (0.75mm) thickness.

If you would prefer us to arrange for your Swimming Pool to be size surveyed for a new Domestic Liner, then we are able to offer you a Pool Liner Survey Service within 60-mile radius of Maidstone. This is a chargeable service, pools being surveyed for domestic liners must be empty of water with the old liner removed prior to our arrival, if not additional costs may occur.

On-site lining

Commercial Alkorplan lining Installation is undertaken by Hilden pools very own contractors who have many years’ experience! Every care is taken to ensure that a smooth and professional job is completed. The 50mm overlapped welded seams are spike tested for adhesion before being sealed and all the appropriate perimeter anchor points are made with stainless steel expansion drive rivets.

The PVC is cut, tailored, and welded on site to ensure an accurate and accurate fit, whilst allowing for the slight movements that can occur in the structure.

– 10-year pro-rata guarantee with pool temperatures up to 32 deg C (90 deg F)
– Ideal for both new and refurbished pools (including concrete, cement render, steel, aluminium, timber, and fibreglass)
– 1.5mm thick PVC with polyester internal mesh
– Anti-slip PVC for steps and walk-in slopes
– UV Stabilised – tested in acceleration chamber
– 50mm overlapped welded seam – sealed with colour co-ordinated liquid PVC
– Anchor points made with stainless steel expanding drive rivets
– Geo-textile underlay available
– Renovates old surface
– Easily repairable if damaged
– Suitable for domestic and commercial applications
– Idea for schools, hotels, holiday camps, health clubs, hydrotherapy pools

Available in a range of traditional and modern patterns and in plain and anti-slip finishes.

Leak detection

If you suspect your swimming pool is losing water, or you are having to top it up excessively, you may have a leak somewhere in or around the pool shell, the underground pipework, equipment in the plant room, or perhaps a number of locations. With new, well serviced and maintained pools, leaks are very uncommon in the pool structure, hence the importance of maintenance.

If your pool is old, the likelihood of leaks through the effects of wear & tear, ageing and neglect are increased. A leaking swimming pool is a serious matter and can potentially lead to excessive unnecessary water consumption, increased chemical and heating costs, ground unsettlement, backfill erosion, and in the very worst case scenario, catastrophic structural failure !

Hilden Pools have a 4-stage swimming pool leak detection programme that systematically allows us to detect and deal with your leak quickly and efficiently.

Call out and investigation – visual inspection of all pool fittings, plant room pipework and fittings. Our engineers will perform some simple manual tests to try and locate the leak.

Pressure test all pipe work – Our Pressure Test system allows us to pressurise your return, skimmer, vacuum, low suction, and sump lines. We can then advise which line(s) are leaking and what action is required to fix it/them.

Sonar leak detection – Sonar leak detection is one of the most technologically advanced swimming pool leak detection systems available. The specialist sonar equipment used allows us to establish if water is tracking to earth and we are able to ‘hear’ where the water is escaping.

Dye injection testing – Using dye injection in a suspected area allows for us to see the flow of water escaping through a leak, and its direction.. Having then identified the exact point of water loss, our experienced technicians can formulate the best mode of repair to stop it.

To learn more about leak detection or to arrange a no-obligation meeting or site visit, please contact us now

Tileband repair and replacement

There are several reasons why a swimming pool tile band can fail or break down. The most common causes are usually frost damage during hard winters or failed top levelling courses in the pool shell structure itself. Top levelling courses build up when a pool is first constructed to level the tops of the pool walls for coping stones and tiling. They are often layered on the main pool structure and can fail over time, manifesting themselves as visible damage to the tile band.

Is your swimming pool suffering from loose tiles, a cracked tile band, or unsettled or loose coping stones? Does your swimming pool have a loose tile band?

Here at Hilden Pools, we offer a complete change of existing damaged tiles, we have many different sizes and colours from our wonderful collection brochure. We really are the experts when it comes to repairing tiled concrete pools, with many years’ experience in the field. If your pool is suffering from loose tiles, a cracked tile band, or unsettled or loose coping stones, please contact us now for free no obligation quotation or a site survey.

Pool surrounds

Is your swimming pool surround looking a little tired and a bit worse for wear? Is your poolside patio dirty or stained? Do your surrounding coping stones need some TLC, or perhaps they need to be replaced? Does your entire pool surround need complete refurbishment? We might just have the answer.

The pool surround is a very important part of your swimming pool’s aesthetic and installation. It is vital that it remains safe while the swimming pool is in use, algae build ups are not only very unsightly, but can be slippery! Similarly, any cracked, broken or shifted paving, tiling or copings can be trip hazards and may lead to injury. It is therefore important to maintain your pool surround to ensure it remains attractive and safe for you and your loved ones. Here at Hilden Pools we take this very seriously!

Hilden Pools’ are skilled and experienced swimming pool engineers with many years’ of experience in repairing, preparing, and installing swimming pool surrounds to the very highest standard. We construct many new installations with a wide variety of specialist swimming pool surrounds and coping stones, offering you a complete service to meet your needs. The Hilden Pools services include:

– Deep cleaning of the surrounding paving, tiling, and coping stones.
– Removing and replacing old, worn, and broken swimming pool paving, tiling, and copings.
– Repairing and preparing swimming pool surround foundations.
– Laying new swimming pool surrounds to the highest of standards, whether laid using more conventional materials, or working with specialist stones.
– Experience in all forms of surround finishes, including concrete, natural stones, tiles, timber decking and synthetic materials.

We can supply and lay many types of coping and pavers to suit your needs and budget. We also offer Resin stone bonded surfaces, this is totally seamless and very porous – an excellent option for drainage.

– Senlac 50mm handmade Bullnosed coping stones
– Indian natural sandstone coping stones to match paving
– 20mm non-slip porcelain coping stones
– 40mm Granite coping stones
– Indian Natural sandstone 25mm Calibrated.
– 20mm Porcelain paving many different sizes and colours.

Filtration system

The plant room is the heartbeat of your swimming pooI, in other words, if anything breaks, it can lead to serious consequences and can potentially affect the functionality of other equipment, resulting in improper water circulation.

Even if you never set foot in a Scout meeting as a child, you’re probably well aware that stagnant, still water is grody!

A pool with a good circulation system, will rarely have issues with cloudy water, stagnant or pool algae. Keeping your pump and filter system running daily will maximize circulation.

Moving water is cleaner, clearer, and safer and having a proper pool circulation is key to a healthy and safe swimming pool.

Hilden Pools can completely overhaul any plant room whatever the size. Doing this will keep your pool functioning at maximum efficiency and in turn will help to keep running costs down, minimising the chances of breakdowns.

Our team of experts have many years’ experience diagnosing, repairing, and replacing all items of plant room equipment, including:

– Swimming pumps
– Swimming pool sand and cartridge filters
– Swimming pool plumbing, pipework and manifolds
– Electrical panels
– Chemical dosing systems
– Pool Heating, Gas, Oil, ASHP
– Sand Media change and Filter Sand Changes – As a general rule, the media in your filter will need replacing every 3 years.

Safety is at the top of the list when it comes to a pool plant room refurbishment. Damaged and dangerous electrics, faulty timers and old pump switches can all cause serious safety issues, and pose potential fire hazards if not addressed.

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